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LeROI: Your Best Choice for Air Compressors

LeROI Compressors was established in the early 1900’s. LeROI Compressors was the name that Rotary Compression Technologies (RCT) used to market their products. It designed and manufactured rotary screw compressors for air and natural gas industries.

LeROI was owned by several Fortune 500 companies from 1950 to 1991. With each owner they honed their documented manufacturing processes, procedures and overall capabilities — becoming a manufacturer of choice and industry leader. Enhancements made to its rotary screw compressor design experienced significant market acceptability over an otherwise reciprocating compressor gas market.

During 1991-1997, LeROI was privately owned as LeROI International. In 1997, LeROI Compressors was purchased by the Invensys Corporation, a British company, and went to market as CompAir. In 2000, the global air rotary screw compressor production moved to Europe. In 2005, the gas compressor business was sold to a small group of local Ohio investors. These stockholders kept the gas compressor operations in Sidney, Ohio, under the name Rotary Compression Technologies (RCT) dba LeROI Gas Compressors. LeROI Gas Compressors, part of Gardner Denver since June 2017, is now focused completely on the gas compressor market.

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