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Biogas Compressors For Gas Recovery Processes


Explore Biogas Compressors Offered By LeROI

Need a compressor that can handle raw, water saturated biogas with no issues? LeROI biogas compressors handle high levels of H2S, CO2 and other constituents that some compressor manufacturers might avoid. View the portfolio of LeROI biogas compressors below or contact us to request a quote.

The market for biogas compressors is growing as livestock operations and landfills search for eco-friendly options to manage waste pollutants such as methane gas and carbon dioxide. LeROI biogas compressors offers reliable and safe solutions to help in the process of converting biogas into renewable energy sources.

Biogas Compressor Applications

LeROI covers the wide and essential roles of biogas compressors in the field of biogas and biomethane production. Each application achieves a clear objective by improving the production process, elevating gas quality, and supporting environmental sustainability. These compressor applications together facilitate the efficient management of biogas systems and play a critical role in reducing waste pollutants and supporting for environmentally conscious energy solutions by addressing different stages of the biogas system, which extends from the initial managing of raw biogas feed to the refining of the end product. 

  • Raw biogas feed compressors (Oil-flooded screw compressors)
  • Product compressors (LeROI LRG9 reciprocating & oil-flooded screw compressors)


Benefits of Biogas Compressors

With LeROI biogas compressors you can compress biogas from organic materials and use it as a renewable fuel. Biogas compressors offer essential advantages to sustainable biogas systems. This environmentally energy source, produced from organic waste, reduces pollution and cuts dependence on fossil fuels. 

Additionally, these compressors help create organic fertilizer from waste, improving soil quality. By adopting simple and affordable technology, biogas compressors support circular economies by transforming waste into valuable resources. This approach encourages cleaner environments, efficient resource use, and cost-effective renewable energy solutions.

  • Pioneering the Industry: As the forefront leader and favored manufacturer, LeROI brand exemplifies its mastery and commitment to crafting top-tier products.
  • Empowering with Advanced Technology: Harnessing the potential of cutting-edge reciprocating and rotary technology in our natural gas compressors guarantees peak efficiency, even when facing the most demanding conditions. This empowers us to deliver products that consistently excel in performance and reliability.
  • Enduring Performance: By engineering our compressors with a design focused on minimizing internal moving components, we eliminate the worries of wear and tear over time. This deliberate approach, which eliminates valves, rings, or degrading packing, results in sustained efficiency throughout the entire lifespan of our compressors.
  • Engineered Exclusively for You: At LeROI, we provide comprehensive engineering solutions meticulously tailored to precise technical requisites. This ensures that our products align perfectly with exact specifications, meeting and exceeding expectations.
  • Reliability Fused with Cost Efficiency: The robust construction of our compressors guarantees unrivaled reliability and budget-friendliness, ensuring consistent performance and unmatched longevity.
  • Seamless Operations: By incorporating integral gearing, we achieve enhanced efficiency and a seamless operational experience for our compressors, setting new benchmarks in smoothness.
  • Prolonged Lifespan, Elevated Expectations: Our designs pave the way for extended vibration life, which inherently extends the overall lifespan of our compressors. This translates to reduced maintenance and operational costs, exemplifying our commitment to long-term value.
  • Your Project, Our Management: LeROI brand stands by your side with comprehensive project management support. We guide you through every step, from conceptualization to implementation, ensuring triumphant outcomes at every juncture.

Types of LeROI Biogas Compressors

LeROI presents a range of diverse sizes and models of biogas compressors, ensuring the perfect fit for your specific industry needs. Our experts can assist you in selecting the ideal compressor for your biogas needs.

Rotary screw compressors

Our advanced rotary screw compressors offer several benefits like integral gearing, Versatrol volume control, and variable volume ports. These compressors ensure superior bearing lifespan and strength. They effectively achieve discharge pressures ranging from 20 to 350 psig for single-stage and up to 500 psig for two-stage configurations.

LeROI biogas compressors use various purposes, including vapor and flare recovery, landfill and biogas management, and improvement of fuel and CNG systems. They can handle power levels of up to 900 hp.


Explore LeROI's Rotary Screw Reciprocating Compressors for various uses like vapor recovery and gas lift. Our complete modular options serve to rental fleets and project-specific needs. They come in different configurations and power ranges. Please contact us for more details, proposals and availability.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Earn Renewable Energy Credits with LeROI Biogas Compressors

Reducing our carbon footprint is vital, and biogas compressors, as a crucial part of the renewable natural gas infrastructure, play a key role. They help manage biogas systems efficiently, which cuts down on harmful emissions. By optimizing biogas production and enhancing facility operations, these compressors contribute to a cleaner environment. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers Renewable Energy Credits to organizations who modify their processes to generate renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This includes livestock operations and landfills. LeROI biogas compressors offer safe and reliable solutions that comply with EPA regulations for renewable energy credits. 

Biogas compressors for agricultural production facilities and landfills

Livestock and landfills are known for being big contributors to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. LeROI biogas and biomethane compressors safely collect and compress this low pressure gas mixture. This biogas is then upgraded to increase its methane content, and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is produced to serve as an alternative fuel and power source.