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Natural gas applications – Industries Served by LeROI

For over a half a century, LeROI has been providing solutions through our compression technologies into many market segments. With a wide variety of compressor products we are able to serve a vast range of applications in the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Process and many others including ones in corrosive gas environments. We pride ourselves on having flexible and quality solutions to meet the demands of your conditions.

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Oil & Gas

LeROI reciprocating and rotary screw compressors has an extensive install base in the Oil & Gas industry on a global basis. Thousands of compressors and working to meet the demands of numerous applications. We recognize the demands for important solutions for various gas conditions including corrosive gases (for example: wet CO2 and H2S containing gases). With our wide variety of powers available along with flexibility around pressures and temperatures our products are up to the challenge of a wide array scenarios. Specifically, within the vapor recovery and flare gas capture sector our reciprocating and rotary screw compressor products are ideal for helping eliminate these environmentally sensitive applications. Furthermore, with our LRG9-DP reciprocating compressor we can support oil & gas fields by providing a flexible and reliable solution for a range of flows and pressures via gas-lift, well-unloading, and well-head compression applications up to 1250 psig.

Below are typical examples of the Oil & Gas industries we serve:


Industrial & Process

The industrial & process sector is a very exciting and ever changing realm that requires clients and OEM’s alike to keep thinking of new ways to become more efficient and productive. LeROI compression products and people enjoy supporting existing and new ways to support these industries. Specifically, our solutions have been playing important roles via landfill and biogas opportunities as well as for boosting and capturing solutions in the LNG and CNG space. Furthermore, the transportation market with respect to tank car unloading and liquid transfer space our LRG9-DP product is especially suitable when a wide range of pressures and flows are apparent during this process. Other applications include fuel, inert and blast furnace gas boosting.

Below are typical examples of the industrial & Process industries we serve:

  • Landfill Gas Recovery
  • Biogas Applications
  • LNG Boil Off Gas
  • Liquid Transfer/Recovery
  • Tank-Car Unloading
  • CNG Station Boosting
  • Fuel Gas Boosting
  • Blast Furnace Gas